Our  Team  having  professional  technicians  &  engineers  to  provide  full  integrated Fire Fighting, Fire alarm & LP gas system. Our professional team managing various projects in different sectors like residential buildings, commercial buildings, hospitals, shopping  malls,  schools,  colleges,  universities,  industrial  buildings,  work  shop, plants,  ware  houses,  shops  &  many  more.

Our Team is having ability to design a proper layout for Fire protection & Fire detection system to enhance the safety produces according to the usage of building. You can rely  on  us  to  inspect  &  develop  your  running  system  to  make  sure  that  the system installed / maintained / operated as per the required standard.


To become leader in the market by providing complete solutions in Fire Fighting, Fire Alarm and LP Gas system adopting latest technology and standard in both national & international level. We are trying to establish our base in worldwide.

Our corporate philosophy is “Trustworthiness and Creativity.” These are simple words, but they are not easily put into practice. These important words represent unchanging principles to which we will always be dedicated.

“Our Aspirations” mean not only to meet the needs of customers but also to provide customers with new value that exceeds their expectations

Be proactive

Be broad-minded and well-informed in order to act quickly and resolutely.

Communicate well

Harmonize diverse skills by thinking out of the box and communicating e actively with others.

Seek new knowledge

Pioneer new potential through self-study and insatiable curiosity.

Display integrity

Work with diligence and sincerity as a responsible individual.

These are the everyday policies we live by to realize our aspirations

Majan National Development LLC provides all types of Fire Fighting & Fire Alarm Systems to a wide range of market sectors .Our portfolio of solutions and services include :

  • Fire Alarm Detection Systems (conventional and addressable)
  • Fire Extinguisher Systems ( CO2 , Foam, DCP ) Fire Monitor Systems
  • Sprinkler Systems
  • Fire Pumps
  • Fire Fighting Equipment
  • Portable Extinguishers
  • Fire Hydrant System
  • Fire Suppression System
  • LP Gas Installation or Residential / Commercial Projects.
  • FM200/Novec 1230

   We MND work with famous brands in national & international market of Fire detection and for Fire protection. We are the most senior dealer, agent of many well authorized safety & Fire equipment distributers. We have partnered with the industry’s leading manufacturers of industrial & safety equipment to offer all of you a huge & full range of solutions that include complete range of Fire alarm system & equipment’s with latest technologies, also complete range of LP gas system & Fire Fighting system. We are holding perfect experience to suggest the products that will be best on your requirement & thoughts.

  • A Professionally Trained Engineering Wing for all Kind of Solutions in Project Execution.
  • Specialist in Installation of all types of Fire Detection System & Fire Protection System.
  • Providing Technical Guidance by Technical Engineers trained by Product Manufacturer.
  • Skilled & Trained Professional Team for Executing Projects. Obtaining Final Approval from Local Authority (ROP).
  • Undertake Maintenance of Fire Fighting & Fire Alarm System, Providing ROP Certificate.
  • Carrying out Design, Installation, Site Supervision Execution, Testing & Commissioning.
  • Specialized in LP Gas Installation or Residential / Commercial Projects.

“Our Aspirations” mean not only to meet the needs of customers but also to provide customers with new value that exceeds their expectations